We Are Gearhead Commerce

We Are Gearhead Commerce

To us, cars aren’t really all that different from websites. They’re both carefully engineered products resulting from an ever increasing evolution of modern technology. They take us places we’ve never been; they help connect us with people from far away; they give us an outlet for self expression; they support the businesses we operate. It’s an easy correlation for car guys to also be web guys. Tearing apart an engine can offer the same satisfaction as programming a really killer web app. Well, to weirdos like us anyway.

Gearhead Commerce started its business life as E-dreamz, Inc, a premier web design and marketing agency. Throughout its nearly 20 year run, E-dreamz has grown into one of the largest and most successful digital agencies in Charlotte, North Carolina. We assembled the region’s best team of designers, developers, marketers, project managers and thought leaders. And, without necessarily meaning to, we also hired on a couple of gearheads.

Being headquartered in the heart of NASCAR country carries with it a sort of automotive responsibility. You can’t live and work here without developing a love for cars and speed and the speedway and all the passion and innovation and pageantry that comes along with it. Over the years, E-dreamz enjoyed many excellent opportunities to work with and support automotive businesses in the area. The unique web challenges we’ve solved for our auto industry partners have armed us with a robust, digital toolset built specifically to support the aftermarket auto parts online marketplace. Our partnerships with companies that build brakes, or bend exhausts, or distribute parts, or tune engines have helped us cultivate our own passion for the automotive industry and carve out our own niche for digitally supporting it.

In recent years we’ve seen a major shift in the web design industry. It’s a shift toward specialization. Web technology is now too advanced, capable and intrinsic to be effectively managed in a general way. You can’t do everything for everyone and do it well. But you can do everything for a specialized industry and do it well. Our industry is automotive parts & services. It’s what we’re best at. It’s what we enjoy. It’s who we are.

In 2017, we decided to finally give our automotive-focused digital toolset a name. It’s called EchoRPM - an automotive Realtime Publishing Manager built upon E-dreamz’s Echo+ web platform. And we finally decided to give the team here who has built up our knowledge, experience and reputation as a reliable digital partner in the car parts industry a name too. In spirit and in practice, we’ve always been Gearhead Commerce… but now we have hats and business cards that say it.