Spotlight on RimTyme Custom Wheels & Tires

Spotlight on RimTyme Custom Wheels & Tires

Rimtyme Custom Wheels & Tires is a leaser and seller of customized rims and tires centered around the Charlotte, NC market. Their main target audience is enthusiasts looking to freshen up their vehicle's look by leasing rims week to week or month to month rather than investing in permanent aftermarket wheels. Whether you’re looking for blinged-out rims, off-road wheels or tires, or just a low cost tire, you’ll find everything you need with RimTyme. They are a fun, successful client operating in a very unique way. We're proud to consider RimTyme a valued Gearhead Commerce partner.

RimTyme's Path to Success

RimTyme invests heavily in strategic digital marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). As a franchise of a larger corporate company, they developed their own brand and identity and implemented their own corporate plan by developing a new website and establishing aggressive marketing campaigns. Through this and other digital marketing tactics, they have grown to the point that they now outperform their own corporate company. So much so that their corporate company ended up having to find a new marketing team because of RimTyme's increased rankings.

RimTyme does an exception job of leveraging photography that shows off their products and establishes their brand. They hire and use local photographers and designers to capture, enhance and edit photos of their real products and customers to appeal to their clientele. A quick tour of their website will immediately convey the RimTyme story through their powerful images.

RimTyme understands the right way to encourage conversions and capture leads. Through a combination of sophisticated website design and clever marketing tactics, RimTyme continuously presents prospective clients with opportunties to contact them for more in for, without falling into the sometimes annoying trap of bombarding you with pop-ups and overlays. This has helped them build a large, dedicated subscriber list and customer list. And it helps too that the owners themselves will personally reach out to you if you are having any issues.

RimTyme also invests heavily in customer engagement and catering to return customers. Much of the photography throughout the site comes directly from their clients. They showcase their work in different ways beyond their own products and designs. By featuring their products, their brand and their customers in their visual storytelling, RimTyme brings an immediate appeal to the website and their business.

Rimtyme's promotion of specials, sales and discounts also helps grow their contact's list and customer base. Though they aren’t an ecommerce website, they still incorporate ecommerce style graphics and calls to action that promote many specials throughout the site in a variety of ways, all while linking all of the specials to the individual stores and locations they are tied to.

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